Saturday, 24 May 2008

Space 1999

A Columbia University geophysicist
(Try and say that when you're pissed)
Has released new evidence to test our wits

Are we to be destroyed by some alien nation?
No, but thanks to Nasa and its future Moon-based station
We're only but, a stone's throw away from total annihilation!

Long, long ago in a far off time, or should that be ten years ago
Many had thought that large crater impacts were few to show
But, Abbott's findings now reveals we've been dealt a major blow

Crater counting was all the rage when it was done on dry land
Then Dallas came along (the geophysicist), and said, and..?
70% of the Earth's surface is covered by water, my good man

So, undersea, and under ocean she did find many craters in little time
Now must we make room for resources and of money in which to find
Otherwise our planet could suffer a calamitous and permanent decline

Congress, or is it just Nasa are pouring your money down a vacuum
Hoping that G. Dubya will be fondly remembered (eh?) in history too
That sucks. For if a comet were to strike, all Earth would become a tomb

Twenty thousand of the buggers do now loom, out there in that cold space
Looking for that keyhole chance in which to strike our Earth's blue face
Meteors, asteroids, and comets too threaten man's historic birthplace.

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Blog Off!

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to read other people's blogs instead of updating your own blogs?

Well, I'm not really into blogging meself, but I did kind of start ranting and raving about five or six years ago on my own website. I'm not sure when blogging became blogging, as I wasn't aware of it back whenever it became blogging as having its own name.

Of course everybody is into some form of blogging or other. But as you know, either from other bloggers or your selves, it just ain't easy to keep things going.

I don't know about you, but I get lazy, and not just with my blogging escapes of old -- I get lazy with just about everything I do. Maybe I get bored too easily, or maybe I have too many things that I have more than a passing interest in.

But here's something that you can all try. Like me, you may be members of more than a few forums, and are kind of blogging in more ways than you thought.

How about you and your friends simply post your blog names and group them in one place on your own forums. These will turn out to be your own little favourite hidaways or blogs, and in that way you'll have easy access to them.

It might also be an idea to post a title of your latest blog and also a small description. That in itself may either add to the forum's popularity, and or, help you to blog a little more often, maybe?

I suppose the only downside that I can see is that your fellow forum friends might get to read a side of you that they might not like. But hey, we're all human after all. Well, most of are (from-time-to-time), anyhow.

Not only will this help you to regularly visit your group of friends' blogs, but it may even re-ignite that old blogging flame in you.

Incidentally, this is an idea I've applied (or, rather the idea of) to a forum that I seem to be quite nuts about. Ok, so what if there are only a handful of us peeps posting stuff about books, and, err, more books. :D

So, if anyone (or two of you) want to have a peek... It is here...