Friday, 22 August 2008

Neighbours from hell

Why is it that our government, here in England are only too happy to pass on the onus of responsibility onto its citizens, without a care of any consequences that might result from their actions?

I'm talking about 'Care in the Community', where a small number of people with anti-social tendencies are allowed to live freely among their normal neighbours.

Now, I'm not going to say anything bad about my normal neighbours, as they, like me, are not perfect. But we are -- up to a point -- still a community, so why the frell are our government so intent on fracturing it?

Why? Because, they, our government doesn't give a shit. They're never going to dump their problems on themselves, so they dump them on us. You're never going to have a situation where there is care in the community among the more affluent sections of our peoples, unless it's some kind of public relations stunt.


A little while ago, I had a slight altercation with one such nut-case. And although, he, my assailant, began the violence, I happily, ended it in violence myself -- on him!

I can't say that I took any pleasure in beating the crap out of him, but I did have a high point when I kicked him in the head. Never done that to anyone before. Never would I have thought to have done it, even to an animal, but I did -- to him.

Of course, fisty cuffs pails in comparison when your assailant pulls out a kitchen knife and decides to give chase to you with it. Now, I'm not a brave man, but I soon became something? Err, let's just say that I was up for it...

A little while later, he was taken away to be hospitalised, and I was left throughly shaken with anger and stirred with fear. Fear? Why should I be feeling this? Because, he's the neighbour we'll still have to live with in our community.


BC said...

The same goes for pretty much anywhere. I have a registered sex offender living 10 houses away. I wont state his crime but it did involve a child. And there are children living in the same building upstairs from him. It happens all over. We just have to learn to deal with it and protect ourselves because its obvious that no one else is going to do that for us.

wa11z said...

Dude, that is frickin' awesome that you kicked his ass!! Serves him right.

Madre Farbot said...

bc, you are so right to be aware of the potential dangers in your community, for the sake of your child, Cami.

Airing one's concerns directly within a community may not always be the wisest thing to do, as people may wrongly make up their own assumptions of you.

Maybe a community with its own forum would work better?

I'm not advocating this for my own community, but, it is an idea that has just occurred to me.

wa11z, ironically, there was more fear afterwards than during, though now, I am quite re-settled, and have very little fear for that nut-case.

I wanted to train with Krav Maga, a self-defense outfit made for street-fighting, but I have duties at work that are greatly draining my energy.

Having said that, I've been hardening my knuckles of late. I really should use a wall bag to ingrain some hardening of the skin, but for now I will just use...

I stopped short, just in case there are nutters reading this.

wa11z, I will pm you to tell you how I am hardening up my knuckles, as it is not for the casual reader to read about.

BC said...

We do have a forum about the city and there are areas where people post concerns. But we never use our real names because those that dont want the laundry aired will come after you. Its one of those things that its best to keep your mouth shut or someone will fill it with lead. Sad I know.

Madre Farbot said...

True, very true. No one in their right mind should display their real name. but then again, using one's real name isn't the norm on most discussion boards for this very reason.

I'd like to think that if a forum did exist for all immediate neighbours of one block, that there'd be a gradual approval from like-minded people within that block that could, say, form inner forums outside the more community-based forum.