Friday, 20 March 2009

You guys send me

...Into your worlds.

I have little to offer in return. I know this, mostly, because I post even less than LL does. LOL. I'm not particularly interested in tractors so much, but at least I can import my own mechanical interests onto what might be the most wanted tractor one could write about, and when I find out that, I'll promise I'll do a write up about them. :p

Of course, I would have to go and google a ton of stuff regarding my old defunct mechanical knowledge (if there was any to begin with?), and hook up my findings with any possible taste in his tractor knowledge. Why would I want to do that? Maybe, I'll just stick with cow-poking? There's a few cows at work that I'd love to poke. LOL

And, what do I know about American Football..? A big rugby-shaped-ball of nothing! But last year -- via another blogger's interests, I got quite pleased with the progress made by the Steelers. Who are they? Who cares! But, now that a new season is almost upon us, it's going to become increasingly difficult to ignore any football.

Having nothing to say might suggest to you that I'm a bit, err... reticent, but despite that, I am learning stuff about stuff I would otherwise not have wondered to learn about. Err, but that does not mean that I might not have ever had the interest initially seeded into my mind in the first place. Phew! That was close. LOL

Lastly, and mostly why I am writing this is, no matter how mundane our posts might first appear to anyone who happens upon them, there are times when one is completely taken aback...

I'm not from America. Well, of course, all three of you already knew that, didn't you? But... not growing up in America has it's advantages and disadvantages, like finding out about Harriet Tubman, for the first time, and wondering why in hell hasn't there (or has there?) been a film made of her life.

Still, I keep thinking that I must have seen a film celebrating her life... haven't I? Surely there must have been something made already? Or maybe this is a good reason why a film just isn't always going to cut it for everyone's memory.

All morning I have been engrossed by her bravery, and her intelligence in her one-woman fight to get everyone she could to safety. I have still yet more to collate. Hopefully, after-wards, I will remember some of it -- hopefully. :O

God, I miss SFSD. I'm lost without knowing what you're getting up to in your little / big / dangerous worlds.


NYPinTA said...

A little late, but I just saw this today:

Hope it's what you were looking for.

LL said...

Well hell Madre... you stop by fermi's blog and you're gonna get spammed by me.

Never fear though... not everyone can be as witty and tractor savvy as I. :P

Good to see you around and stop over at the Bib. There's still a few of us over there.